What programming a game really means part II

March 21, 2013

So I wanted to share my experiences as a new game developer. I am an electrical engineer who works full time and I have found it tough to work on games.

Lesson 1: ITS SO HARD

This task is not for the faint of heart. You need to really work at this in order to get any return. So how do you stay motivated? Small goals. It sounds dumb but this is the most important part.

Lesson 2: You are alone

So you met up with some people online? Got some good friends that will take you to the top? These people will most likely quit. Be ready to do it all on your own. This includes the programming, art and music.

Lesson 3: Work a manageable amount of time each day.

If you start going to the gym and work out hardcore, you burn out. You get so sore that you don’t want to go back. I have worked 40 hour work weeks and then gone home and put in an extra 60 hours in the same week. Do not do this. No matter how fast you think you can make your game, it will take longer.

Lesson 4: Don’t try to make money

Money will come at the right time when you make good games. If you have the idea that all your games will make you something, you will be disappointed. Some games sell like crazy but it is rare. You can make a career out of this but it will be tough.

Lesson 5: Don’t re-invent the wheel

Use the tools that are available. Spend time researching ways to make games. There are several options out there. My favorite is Unity but there are many other studios that make great products. Don’t make a sprite renderer class on your first game.


2 Responses to “What programming a game really means part II”

  1. Malice O'Conner said

    Hey, you’re not necessarily alone in your endeavors, I am working on a game too and so are many others, the difficulty is finding reliable and accountable people to work with – people that will work for royalty is always great – thats what I am doing but eh its just all part of another job right?

  2. It does just become another job at some point. You need to make it fun and interesting. Im just working a new job so I have been slacking on the job. However, drop me a line anytime and I’ll try to help you out if I can :).

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